Rakut Si Telu

Rakut Si Telu are formed from associations of clans that become a kinship of relationship. The meanings of Rakut Si Telu (tri Tunggal) are three of society is one in order to be completeness for Karo peoples. The completeness is mean of social institute in karo society that consists of three groups, they are:

i. Kalimbubu
ii. Anak Beru
iii. Senina

All of people have opportunity to be  Kalimbubu, Anak Beru, Senina in their life. These make life of Karo become more interesting to be knowledge. Each kind of  Rakut Si Telu have its  own meaning  that will be explained  as follows:

1) Kalimbubu
Kalimbubu is group who get position to be respect in the middle of family like the daughter married with a man of certain family or clan.

The assignments of Kalimbubu to observe and give instructions in conference of custom Anak Beru families, and as giver petuah (guidance), as taker of conclusion in problem toward Anak Beru, because Kalimbubu is an actor that is position of higest, so the people of Karo often said :

“Adi kalak Karo sinddekah erdalan i tengah kerangen ras Kalimbubuna, labanci lang Anak Beru arah lebe, artina adi lit musuh ntah pe rubia-rubia si merawa entah pe duri ras bulung-bulung si megatel gelah Anak Beru e kena leben, gelah selamat Kalimbubu ibas bahaya nari, “Bagepe adi erdalan erpagipagi namuren denga dalan, Anak Beru e nge leben gelah enggo kari namur e isapu  Anak Beru, gelah Kalimbubu lanai namuren. Adi ngerana Kalimbubu ibas sada runggun labo banci ia isimbaki, “Bagi page ibas lebeng pe ikur-kuri glah lit man nakan turang.”

The meaning, if the old peoples in Karo go to meddle of forest with Kalimbubu, so Anak Beru must walk way in front. The reason if in front be found the enemy as wild animal or thorn, the itch foliage, so Anak Beru is the first be attacked. In other that the Kalimbubu is safe from danger. If take a stroll with Kalimbubu in the morning, so Anak Beru must be in front , in other to Kalimbubu is not exposed of wet foliage. If  Kalimbubu speaks in the conference, so Kalimbubu can’t say is disagreement. It’s like that of variable  Anak Beru to Kalimbubu.

Kalimbubu has many kinds, they are:  Kalimbubu Bena-Bena, Kalimbubu Simupus, Kalimbubu Dareh, Kalimbubu Kepah, Kalimbubu Simantek Daliken, Kalimbubu Simperdemui, Kalimbubu Sembuyak, Kalimbubu Taneh, Kalimbubu Si Majek Lulang, Puang Kalimbubu (Kalimbubu  from  Kalimbubu), Puang Ni Puang ( Kalimbubu from Puang Kalimbubu).

2) Anak Beru
Anak Beru is Executor all of custom activities concerning his families Kalimbubu, and to take care, so those not happen displacement of tradition price at realization of parties that link to each other tradition and culture. They must responsible too about arrangement when take place misunderstanding in Kalimbubu families.

This assignment and responsibility in Karo language is Anak Beru as “Bagi benang Penjarumi”  that have the quality to tie in ethnic group. If it is ignored, so be seen weakness in relationship.
Point in time our  Kalimbubu has a party , for examples tradition of wedding, opening house, profound, sorrow, and etc. Then usually Anak Beru is as ceremony. Success or not the party, of our  Kalimbubu is hang the ability and tenacity  Anak Beru. Because of that,  Kalimbubu must  metami man anak beru (kind to Anak Beru). Karo peoples said:

“mangkok reh mangkok lawes” adi anak beru erbahan si mehuli nandangi kalimbubu, maka kalimbubu pe arus erbahan si mehuli man anak beru amin gia lain-lain bentukna.

“If the cup come, so must cup out” the meaning, If  Anak Beru care to Kalimbubu, so kalimbubu must care too, although different style.

Anak Beru has many kind , they are: Anak Beru Langkip, Anak Beru Cekuh Baka, Anak Beru Ipupus, Anak Beru Dareh, Anak Beru Tau, Anak Beru Mentri, Anak Beru Singukuri, Anak Beru Singikuti.

3) Senina
Senina is  including inside to  Sembuyak that has responsible to keep balance between the peer of Senina to Kalimbubu  and anak Beru. Knowing the history of Senina and Kalmbubu family in the traditional party, and like a starting point of each consultation activities parties, running honorary, an manner of custom to  Kalimbubu.

The genetic relationship in Karo, they said  “Metenget ersenina” ( give attention to Senina). Then they said like:

“Teman meriah enterem nge, tapi teman tangis senina kange ngenca”. Rugi kel  adi rubat ersenina, dalan sirang labo lit, metenget gelah ula sempat rubat, nggit sitewasen, ula subuki amin lape iakap  teng-tengsa sebab senina enge teman ngandung ras meriah ukur.

Senina is our brothers or sisters who same clan. The debt of our senina is our debt too, because  Senina is my friends in the distressed and happy. The position of senina can not be change by other person.

Senina has many kinds, they are:  Sembuyak, Senina Sipemeren, Senina Siparibanen, Senina Sipengalon, and Senina Secimbangen.

Tutur Si Waluh

Tutur Si Waluh is the concept of kinship in Karonese that has relationship with acquaintanceship. They are called as Tutur Si Waluh because consists of :

1) Puang Kalimbubu
2) Kalimbubu
3) Senina
4) Sembuyak
5) Senina  Sipemeren
6) Senina Sipengalon
7) Anak Beru
8) Anak Beru Menteri

In the ceremony have roles. Explanation about Tutur si waluh:

1. Puang kalimbubu is kalimbubu from kalimbubu.

2. Kalimbubu is a group giver of wife to a particular family. Kalimbubu is arranged in to:
a. Kalimbubu Bena-Bena or Kalimbubu Tua, Namely  the giver wife groups to specific groups. For example, If  A merga Sembiring bere-bere Tarigan clan (Sembiring is his family name and Tarigan is family name of his mother, so Tarigan is Kalimbubu of A. if A has children, so their family name is Tarigan. Than they are Kalimbubu Bena-Bena of A.

b. Kalimbubu Simada Dareh come from mother. That is the brother from mother. Calling as Kalimbubu Simada Dareh because they (mother’s brother and mother) are from the same womb.

c. Kalimbubu Iperdemui, the calling that because someone to marry the daughter of one family, so he is become Kalimbubu because of marriage.

3. Senina,they are related because they the same clan

4. Sembuyak, means some as womb. They are the peoples who be born from one mother. However in Karo people, the technical term be used for Senina too.

5. Sipemeren, they are persons who he mother are siblings.

6. Senina Sipengalon, they are the persons who are related because they have the children who have someone as wife as same with the clan.

7. Anak Beru, they are the persons who take someone as wife from a family to become his wife. Native Anak Beru can occur causes marry with a girl of certain family, by means of intercessions other of people.
This is consists to:

a. Anak Beru Tua, they are native our Anak Beru, without their attendance to our ceremony which made by Kalimbubu, so the ceremony does not started.
b. Anak Beru Cekoh Baka, they are the sisters from someone   to family. For example, if A is a man, has sister (B) so B is Anak Beru of A.

8. Anak Beru Menteri, they are Anak Beru come from Anak Beru.

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