If you are bored, the way a walk to Penatapan Berastagi. There are many that can be enjoyed, there is grilled corn on the cob and delicious. If you want to enjoy the natural scenery Penatapan hang out in the shop. You can release the boredom by inhaling the fresh mountain air.

Its location not far from the Aqua Mineral Water Factory, District Berastagi, Karo, and Karo is on the border and Deli Serdang. From Medan, about 54 kilometers away.

When challenged to explore the natural, choose a location with views landscape strategy that will not be forgotten, Waterfall Sikulikap.

You may have visited these places, but it never hurts to go back there because it is very charming landscapes.

After about half an hour exploring the forests, waterfalls Sikulikap visible. The water was clear and fresh. Steady rhythm of the water, carrying several thousand liters of water every minute. Even when dry any water discharge does not stop.

Located around the waterfall gives the sensation of its own. A gust of wind often brings dismissed splashed waterfall face. Below, large rocks saturated with receiving water. Flow into creeks that continues to sweep the water to become drinking water sources run water company. Sikulikap tejun water about 20 feet tall.

Sikulikap water sources are from Forest Park (Tahura) Bukit Barisan. The forest is the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL) Gunung Leuser National Park.

Around Sikulikap, only waterfall into musical rhythm accompaniment. The rest, peace is there. There are several seats, including the right before the waterfall. Surrounding the waterfall is a dense tropical forest, with a bulge the walls of rock in some places. And look around the perpendicular cliffs. A number of rock climbers often take advantage of the rock beside the waterfall. A number of stakes planted iron hook visible on the surface of the cliff. In addition to pretty good height, about 30 meters, the track is quite challenging.

Co-author Vera Sukatendel, Romi Sembiring Sinulingga and Jaya last weekend exploring the mainstay of the tourist sites of this Karo. When cramming our feet around the waterfall splashed withstand freezing waterfall. Our clothes were soaking wet.

Our colleague Jaya Sembiring act silly, he opened his shirt and tried to bathe in the rock. Cool, come with a shower, says Jaya screaming. According to him, because it does not stand to see the water is clear and cold, he was desperate to bathe. Basis of the village, I thought.

Enjoy the natural scenery and beauty Sampuran Sikulikap, thus giving the name of Karo elders, by cleaving the jungle we had done about two years ago. At that time we passed a waterfall on the way to the Village Bukum, Bandar was only when down the Mount Barus with Mountain Climber The Kuala Lumpur (OGKL) Jaleha Samah.

Because of their stunning natural beauty then this attraction is very strategic to visit. When you stress this is the solution to eliminate it. Good luck.
source : indonesia-tourism

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