Lau Debuk-Debuk located in the Daulu village, Karo District which has hot springs with sulfur content, much visited by tourists to enjoy the warm sulfur water in the cool mountain air atmosphere. The village is situated about 10 km from Bandar New to Brastagi, at the foot of the mountain Sibayak which has a height of about 2,100 km from the sea surface.

Hot springs emerge through the cracks of the lava flow in the southern slopes of volcanoes Sibayak. Hot springs are then accommodated in the pool.

There are 5 pieces bathing pool with water temperature of 350 C and air temperature was about 270 C. There are several ponds in the village is like a natural hot spring bathing pool Sibayak, which is managed by local people and visitors crowded at this time. Most climbers are making use of hot water pools is to release kepenatannya during ascent by wading in the pool.
source : indonesia-tourism

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