Sumatera is situated at Sumatera Island, Indonesia. This province is multi-ethnics regional and the mayority is Batak people (Toba, Simalungun, Karo, Mandailing, Pak-pak) then Melayu and the comers Javaness . There are 419 islands and Simuk Island (Nias Island) and Berhala (Malaka) are the outer regional of Sumatera. And the beauty of both island was uninadequate.

If you know North Sumatera very well, you’ll not forget with the great grace place that it had ever had – Lake Toba. That’s true because Lake Toba is one of the biggest Lake around Asia till now. If you would like to know eagerly about North Sumatera, let’s bear in mind for some interesting place that you can roam around Sumatera. In addition, you can choose between doing traveling or better trekking to a several number of volcanoes and National Park like Sinabung, Sibayak , Leuser, langkat and Pusuk Buhit.

I’ll like to show you the things you should know about how rich this country (Indonesia) with his natural treasure, with his hidden paradise or lonely island and his cultural life. I’m just guiding you to find all places that we called heaven of your tranquility.

First of all let me listing the entire places that you can explore and roam..


Berastagi, usually pronounced Brastagi, with an elevation of 1220m, close to Lake Toba is a small, normal busy Indonesian town. Berastagi is located 70km from Medan. It does not rely on tourism so you’ll get to see the locals getting on with their lives rather than hassling tourists to make a living. This town is well known with the main fruit, vegetables and flower even it’s the source to Medan. It made Berastagi as one of the most fertile land in North Sumatera.

You can identify the ethnic people here by their language or accent. Most of the them are Karo by using Karo language. Traveling to Berastagi will be a nice trip for you because you’ll learn some aspect of their unique habitually even in traditional life, culture, and the pristine nature.



Sinabung Mountain is one of the most highest than all volcanoes in North Sumatra. It is situated around 5 km from Brastagi. Not only using as a hiking area but also using as one of destination because it has a river or cauldron which is filled of water near the mountain. So many people came to feel the senses of the beautiful landscape and also can be an interesting place just for camping.


Sinabung Mt//Source: Privacy Doc


You can reach the place by using mini bus from Brastagi. Just spending around Rp.5000,00 as long as 45 minutes you’ll arrive safely there and starting to build your tent and feel the most freezing weather.

Sinabung Volcano erupted in August 2010 for the lastest. And ‘till now, it’s safely to climb. Most of the hikers community who come from collengers, Organisation, company, till the strangers used to feel what is called trekking and some challengging out there. Your andrenaline will be raised up and find several landscapes in a thousands times which are changing every second. But the most that people wants to hunt is the moment of standing on high to the sunrise up. What a gorgeous spot!


Sibayak Mt//Source:


Sibayak closest to town with 2100 maters high and fairly easy to climb because after the eruption, government developed it by completing the infrastructure and all things for making Sibayak as one of the natural tourism. We can get the moment when we’ll see the view of sunrise.


Gundaling Hill//Source:

Gundaling is located in the centre of Brastagi. It is called Bukit Gundaling which is a hill overlooking Berastagi, Sibayak dan Sinabung. It served the place of rest, food and coffee break with a very natural air. You can try to ride the horse, it’s available up and down the hill. From the top of Gundaling hill we can see two of Sinabung and Sibayak Mountain. It’s realy a beutiful views especially after the sun rises up in the morning. Around 12 kms south of Berastagi is Kabanjahe, from where you can walk 4km to the ancient, traditional village of Lingga where the design of the houses with their horn-shaped roofs has remained unchanged for centuries. Five or six families (or from the Karonese perspective, one extended family) live in each house, but each has its own family stone.


Sipiso-piso Waterfall is located on North side of Lake Toba, 24 kms from Kabanjahe. It has around 120 metres into an impressive gorge below. It’s one of the tourism place and as one of the highest waterfall in North Sumatera.

Sipiso-piso become popular to all people around the world. Often they come to Sipiso-piso just for taking photograph with the wonderful and natural beauty. If you want to get the sensation from waterfall dropping down energy, you can descend to gorge and find your sensation.

Sipiso-piso   waterfall//Source:http: greatadventureindonesia.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Sikulikap Waterfall//source:


Sikulikap Waterfall is situated around 300 metre high or 20 minutes from Berastagi. You can catch any bus from Berastagi going to Medan and ask to be dropped off at Sikulikap. It should cost about Rp. 3000,00. After arriving there, you need to walk in around 15- 20 minutes to see Sikulikap Waterfall. While you walked in It’s the chance for you to see monkey within the rainforest and a varians of the plants.

Enjoy your trip guys…..!!!                                                                     source : kompasiana

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