Karo highland is one of the biggest agriculture region in indonesia. With capital city named Kabanjahe, this higland will offers you unforgetable experience. Located at aproximately 600-1400 m above the sea level, covering an area about 2.127,25 km2. The temperatures range between 16* to 27* C.
Here is some guide that you might need ;


Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera who lead by a Governor. When you enter North Sumatera, this is the first city that you going to visit after you exit the door of International Airport of Medan “Polonia”.
Not much you could found in here, you know as a bussy big city, the noise makes you want to leave it as soon as possible. Eventhough there’s not much to see, you could found Istana Maimoon here (it’s a Malayan museum).
Besides, all the facility you need availaible here, like ; money changer, travel agent, bank, airport etc. So your next stop is Berastagi. But before you do that, find some travel agent that might could help you or if you like challenge, you could use public transportations, such as ; Sinabung Jaya, or Borneo Group Bus.
This are the place you are about to see on your trip to Berastagi :


Sembahe is one of tourism destination along the main road of Medan – Berastagi. It is about 35 km from Medan. Amazing place with mountain fresh air and clean river. This river can be reached by public transportation. It’s about 35 km from Medan, need 45 minutes on the trip.


About 15 minutes driving from Sembahe or about 40 km from Medan, you’ll arrived at Sibolangit. Along the way you’ll see Tourism Forest which was used to be a botanical garden located at slope of the Bukit Barisan Mountains. If you are a botanical experts, this place may be a good spot for research activity, because this area rich of plants, trees species and also rare birds.

Bandar Baru

Bandar Baru is a small town which is about 47 km from Medan. This is the right place to spent weekend. There are many inn for rent in this area. This place are also a Boyscout’s Camp area. Beside, there is also Gelora Kasih Foundation (an orphan house) which managed by GBKP (A Christian’s foundation).


Penatapen are rows of canteens along side the road of the hill, with great view straight to the down of the hill. Usually people stop here to rest a while after a long trip. Locals people sell roasted corn and other locals foods here.

For more information and reservation :

No.    Hotel Names               Class.    Rooms    Address    Phone / Fax ( 0628 )
1        Sibayak International      ****        113         Jl. Merdeka Berastagi    91301 / 91307
2        Sinabung Resort               ****       104         Jl. Kolam Renang, B.Tagi    91400 / 91300
3        Mutiara    Hotel                ****       120         Jl. Besar Peceren, B.Tagi    91331 / 91556
4        Berastagi Mega View       ****         80         Jl. Peceran Raya, B.Tagi    91650 / 91652
5        Rudang Hotel                        **         72          Jl. Sempurna 16, B.Tagi    91313 / 91348
6        Bukit Kubu Hotel                 **          40         Jl. Sempurna 2 Berastagi    91524-91533
7        Berastagi Cottage                   *          76         Jl. Gundaling, Berastagi    20908 / 567516
8        Danau Toba Hotel                  *          34         Jl. Gundaling 66, Berastagi  91347 /21346
9        G.M. Panggabean                   *          13         Jl. Merdeka 9, Berastagi    91667
10      Bere Karona                            *          23         Jl. Pendidikan 148, B.Tagi    91288-91488
11      Jasmine Hotel                         –        350         Berastagi
12      Rose Garden Hotel                –              –        Jl. Peceran 30, Berastagi    91777 / 91777
13       –    –                                                     90        Kabanjahe    –
14       –    –                                                      15       Tongging    –

No.    Names of Restaurant    Address    Food    Parking
1         Asia Restaurant    Jl. Veteran No.20    Chinesse, European    30
2         Eropah    Jl. Veteran No.60    Chinesse, European    20
3         Budiman    Jl. Veteran No.62    Indonesian    16
4         Budi jaya    Jl. Veteran No.51    Indonesian    22
5         Bundo Kanduang    Jl. Veteran No.21    Indonesian    8
6         Siang Malam    Jl. Tri Murti I No.91    Chinesse, European, Indonesian    35
7         Andalas    Jl. Mesjid No.157    Indonesian    4
8         Muslimin    Jl. Veteran No.387    Indonesian (Moslem’s)    19
9         Sehat    Jl. Veteran No.315    Chinesse    16
10       Garuda    Jl. Veteran No.10    European, Indonesian    17
11       Terang    Jl. Veteran No.369    Chinesse    19
12       Raymond    Jl. Veteran No.49    European    10
13       Asia R.M    Kabanjahe    Chinesse    –
14       Andalas    Kabanjahe    Indonesian    –

Berastagi, The City of Fruits.

Berastagi is one of the main tourism destination in Karo Highland. Located at 4.594 above sea level, surrounded by mountains, this place absolutely amazing. Large green and beautifull farm gives you much fresh air to breathe.

This place also is the best tourism destination in acomodations, you are defenetely could find anything to support your travelling activity here, like stars hotels, restaurants, golfyard etc. Berastagi also had a name “City of Marquisa and Sweet Orange”.

From this city you could also watch a great view of Sibayak and Sinabung Mountain. To reach the top of the Sibayak mountain you’ll need less than three hours walking. While walking up the hill you could see various plants, trees, and animals. And when you reach the top, especially in the early morning, you’ll be the first person to see sun rising from the back of the horizon. Really worth it, you’ll not gonna dissapointed by the view from the top, it’s all paid back!.

Besides producing fruits, Berastagi also well known as vegetables and flowers producer. Anually, there is several ceremony held like “Pesta Bunga & Buah” and “Pesta Mejuah-juah”. It’s a “Fruits and vegetables party” and “Traditional Welcome Party”.

Karonesse also had an old tradition “Kerja Tahun”. It is a celebration in a village, where every family in the village met up with all their member from other village or city. Gathering in house, eating some food, dancing, singing and give thanks to God for best thing they have gotten so far. Uniquely each village had different date and month to celebrate it.

Lau Debuk-debuk Hot Springwater

This place located about 10 km from “Bandar Baru” to “Berastagi” (between Bandar Baru and Berastagi) precisely in a village called “Daulu”.
This hotspringwater contains natural sulfuric water which came from lava ways of Sibayak Mountain. Local civillian believe that this water can wash away their bad luck. Besides, this water might be good for skin medication.
Well, actually this place not completely acomodated by the local government, especially in public transportation. So, if you wish to go there sometimes, bring or hire a car or any other transportation would be a good idea.
There are five pool with different temperature (start with 350 C while the air temperature is 270 C). Surrounded by the beauty of mount “Sibayak” panorama, I guarantee your not gonna disapointed. The hotspring pools designed outdoor and indoor, so you can enjoy the view while warming up your body. Small canteens are also availaible here, but only sell locals food.

National Conservation Forest Park “Tahura Bukit Barisan”

Tahura Bukit Barisan is a national conservation forest park that covering 51.600 Ha forest  area. Government build this Tahura as a conservation efforts due to save natural resources in this area.

Major part of the area dominated by natural mountain forest trees like ; Pine, Altingia exelsa, Schima wallichii, Podocarpus sp, Toona surei, and other kinds like ; Durio zibethinus, Erythrina Sp, etc. Other species from foreign countries are ; Caribeae Pine, Insularis Pine, Accacia Pine, Eucaliptus Sp, Agathis Sp, etc. Some animals that live in this area are ; monkey, tiger, gibbon, wild hog, snake, eagle, deer, elephant, etc.

Other part of this Tahura areas, especially Tongkoh and Berastagi has become tourists destination place. Main factor that made this place attractive is windy weather, various of vegetation, beautifull panorama, fresh air, fresh water, and also it,s unique culture. Besides, there is complete acomodation availaible here.

As an entrance to Tahura Bukit Barisan, Tongkoh complete with several Inn, Library, Restaurant, Stage for art performance, and other facilities including quarantine facility for the animal.

Society who live around this area consits of Malayan, Karo, Aceh, and Toba ethnique. Major ethnique, Karonesse usually work as a farmer. Main production of this area are vegetables and fruits. Located about 5 km from Berastagi, you can reach this area with public transportations.

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